Integrated Water Management Overview

Integrated water cycle management (IWCM) is a multi-disciplinary and multi-objective approach, used to promote the sustainable use of all available water resources in ways that best deliver multiple community objectives.

It means evaluating all aspects of the water cycle and approaches to water supply and demand management, stormwater management and wastewater treatment against multiple criteria, including environmental, social, technical and economic factors as well as those concerning biodiversity and public health.

IWCM strategies consider these elements across the entire water life cycle.

At IVWater Solutions we remain committed to working with our Clients to deliver integrated water services in ways that provide value for money while enhancing the liveability for current and future generations.

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Cole Harvey, C.E.O. Aeramix Pty Ltd

"Aeramix were engaged by Power & Water to design, construct and integrate a new 2.5 ML re-use water tank and associated works. Aeramix had the privilege of working collaboratively with IVWater directly with Iouri during the design and construction and integration phase. This was a very successful project for all stakeholders and we would have no problem working with Iouri and the IVWater team on any future projects."

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