Sewer Mining

Sewer mining provides a secure rainfall independent water supply fit for a wide range of uses. The process normally involves removal and treatment of sewage from sewer mains before it reaches the treatment plant. The sewage is treated to produce high quality recycled water for use nearby. High reticulation costs associated with recycled water schemes are avoided as the recycled water is produced at the point of use.

- 2012 -

Sewer Mining, Yarra Park

Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) with financial assistance from State Government completed the works at Yarra Park as part of a comprehensive Draft Yarra Park Masterplan, designed to greatly improve the parkland. As part of the plan, an underground water recycling plant has been installed to secure essential non-potable water for use in Yarra Park, the MCG and Punt Road Oval.

The purpose of the Water Recycling Facility - to provide 140-180 million litres of Class A water/year, mainly as irrigation water, for municipal use in Yarra Park, Richmond Football Club and MCG grounds (unrestricted access).

The water is also used in a third pipe recycling scheme throughout MCG toilets, amenities and for cleaning and maintenance.

To compare, Class A water produced by Yarra Park Water Recycling Facility will replace the volume of potable water sufficient to supply about 1150 households per annum.

The MCG Water Recycling Facility takes raw sewage from City West Water's Wellington Parade South trunk route, where it is diverted to the 600kL/day Class A sewer treatment plant via a dedicated underground supply pipe to Yarra Park Water Recycling Facility located under Yarra Park (north of Melbourne Cricket Ground)). Class A water is then distributed to end users via a pump and pipe network.

Yarra Park Water Recycling Facility Website

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- 2009 -

Sewer Mining, Sunshine Golf Club, Mount Derrimut

Class B recycled water treatment plant at Sunshine Golf Club, Mt Derrimut is one of the first working sewer mining projects in a developed area of Melbourne. Recycled water supply at the Sunshine Golf Club began in June 2008 when the sewer mining treatment plant was built at the course. The plant was upgraded in late 2011, and since the upgrade the plant has supplied around 12 million litres of recycled water to irrigate the golf course.

Sunshine Golf Club Sewer Mining Project

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