Stormwater Overview

Capturing the Potential of Stormwater
(PDF article AUS LG Yearbook 2015)

Stormwater management philosophy in most developed countries has evolved from flood mitigation paradigm to runoff quality control approach, now progressing towards the harvesting and reuse concept, while retaining the previous two targets.

Living in a dry country we need to value and use the rain that falls on our land. Statistics suggest that the annual stormwater discharges in Melbourne are nearly the same as the city's annual potable demand, while in Brisbane they are 50% larger than the demand.

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Our vision is managing and harvesting stormwater using principles of sustainability and liveability that deliver the best economic, social and environmental outcomes for all, now and in the future.

At IVWater Solutions Pty Ltd we offer a full suite of services required for planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of successful stormwater schemes.

Peter Benazic, Manager Parks & Gardens, Banyule City Council

"In my dealings with Iouri (Director of IVWater) his breadth and understanding of the technical aspects of stormwater harvesting systems has been exemplary, He continually scans the industry for best practice solutions and has openly shared his experience and knowledge demonstrating his commitment achieving high quality results."

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