Stormwater Harvesting

Stormwater Harvesting is one of the essential components of Integrated Water Cycle Management.

Urban decentralised stormwater harvesting is a relatively new engineering concept that has the potential to provide an alternative not potable water source while reducing the impact of stormwater generated pollution on the receiving environment.

Stormwater harvesting offers multiple solutions to urban water systems such as mains water demand reduction, water quality improvement and in many cases creek ecosystem health protection.

- 2011 - ongoing -

Melbourne Sports Precinct

Melbourne and Olympic Parks precinct is Australia's premier sports and entertainment provider; home to hundreds sporting, cultural and entertainment events, most notably The Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam. As part of the overall masterplan – the stormwater harvesting scheme is developed to supply the non-potable water demands for irrigation and toilet flushing within the precinct.

The proposed scheme diverts raw stormwater into an underground storage tank located under the oval south east of Rod Laver arena. The water is then being treated via media and activated carbon filters and then UV disinfected prior to distribution.

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- 2011 - 2016 -

Melbourne Water

As the licensing authority and waterway manager for urban waterways within the Melbourne region, Melbourne Water has developed draft guidelines for stormwater harvesting and is continuing to develop principles and rules relating to the volume, rate of harvest and location of stormwater harvesting. These rules and principles form an important part of the overall allocation framework for stormwater in this region.

To assist stormwater harvesting proponents Melbourne Water engaged IVWater Solutions Pty Ltd to develop standard drawings and associated technical guidelines for the design, construction and maintenance of diversion structures for stormwater harvesting on Melbourne Water assets with final document produced in 2012.

This document is designed to provide proponents and engineering practitioners with guidance on Melbourne Water requirements and recommended options for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of diversion structures for stormwater harvesting constructed on Melbourne Water (MWC) drainage assets.

Design and construction of stormwater diversion structures consistent with these guidelines and standard drawings will enable a smoother licensing and approval process. Variation to these requirements will be considered on a case by case basis but the proposed design must be able to demonstrate how it meets the overarching principles outlined here in respect to hydraulic impacts, maintenance, passing flows, etc.

Melbourne Water Guidelines document is now released for public consultation and can be found on this website by following the provided link.

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- 2012 -

City West Water, Melbourne

- 2012 -

City of Melbourne

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- 2007 -

Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Planning and preliminary design of a stormwater harvesting scheme involving diversion and treatment of stormwater flows from the contributing residential catchments followed by on-site storage and distribution of treated water for irrigation needs.

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